other websites related to radio history

Many of our members maintain their own website. Such are labeled by the GFGF-logo in the list below.

Of course, we're listing websites of non-GFGF enthusiasts too (linkexchange).

Whatever your position is - member or not - please feel free to ask our webmaster to include your site in our list.

Our rules in general:


  • Your homepages content must relate to  radio history and its content has to be legally correct.
  • The description shouldn't be longer than 300 characters. Otherwise we need to shorten it.
  • Please put a link with our URL (www.gfgf.org) on your side .
  • You can have a small picture with you logo or similar related to your link. Size: max 300px × 200px (w*h). Larger pictures will be scaled.
  • Commercial websites will be marked as such.


Please send any question, hint or request for actualisation to our webmaster.