We meet in Regensburg - and at the Cham Radio Museum

apr. 16th 2024

This year's general meeting will take place from 03/05/2024 to 05/05/2024 in Regensburg.
The programme includes a visit to the Walhalla, the Cham Radio Museum and this year's ladies' programme includes a tour of Regensburg's old town.

The following items are on the agenda of the General Meeting:

- Welcome and determination of the quorum
- After election of the keeper of the minutes Report of the Executive Board and the auditors
- Discussion on the report of the Executive Board and discharge
- Budget for 2024/2025 / discussion on membership fee
- Location and date of the next General Meeting

For details, please refer to the attached PDF file; if you have any questions, please contact Ingo Pötschke (037207/88533; archiv@gfgf.org)
or me, your webmaster and deputy chairman, Hartmut Schmidt (07620 9886880, vorsitz2@gfgf.org).

A postscript: On behalf of the Board of Directors, I apologise for the delay in publishing the date here on the website. We will be happy to discuss the reasons for the delay at the General Meeting.

apr. 3rd 2024

the latest Funkgeschichte is ready and will soon meet your mailbox - as far as DHL is doing its job...

12 March 2024

Johannes Gutekunst has sent another very readable Radiorama, which you can read here.

(Yes, there are many more waiting, it's true, Johannes is very hard-working - and he always finds great topics!)

July, 24th, 2023 - FM-Radio in Amerika

just heard on SWR2 - thx to Michael

19.Juli 2023 - another issue of „Radiorama“ available

please read the latest issue of the online-magazine „Radiorama“ here.

(We're sorry - Radiorama is available in german language only.)

continue reading on the website of the Funkamateur (sorry, german language only)

please read the latest issue of the online-magazine „Radiorama“ here.

There is a new function on our website!

We have relabeled the menu item "Schematics" to "Schematics / further documents".

You will find there not only the link to the circuit diagram servers of the NVHR as before.

From now on there is also an new link to a directory of all digitized documents in the GFGF archive.

Just have a look, test it and give hints and critics too to the webmaster.

Thx and kind regards from the webmaster!

GFGF-volume 10 (re)issued: A short history of radio communication receivers in functional diagrams

This proven standard work gives an insight into the long technical development path of radio communication receivers for commercial radio services as well as the amateur radio service over the period from 1929 to 1983, i.e. from the age of electron tube technology up to the first assured phase of proof of semiconductor technology.

The authors have handled worldwide radio communications within the framework of amateur radio over three decades, have become acquainted with the often extreme requirements that communication receivers should be able to cope with, and have analysed more than 70 radio receivers or receiver parts of transceivers in the process.

Bergmann, K.; Rockschies, J.; Spanknebel, H:

A short history of radio communication receivers in functional diagrams 1929-1983

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