Our joint circuit diagram service - NVHR-GFGF

The GFGF works together with a whole range of organisations and associations, including the NVHR (Nederlandse Vereniging voor de Historie van de Radio). Our friends at NVHR run a server that hosts a large amount of schematics. In order not to invent the wheel twice, we decided to work together.

All schematics the GFGF can offer to you are found via the search function of our Dutch friends - together with those that the NVHR has available. This means you only have to search in one place and have access to both databases.


If you want to know more about the NVHR, click here.

Documents from the GFGF archive

The GFGF stores service plans, company documents, contemporary and general documents in its archive - currently about 9TB.


To give you an overview, we have created a search function here.